Free At Last?

( Last Updated on Tue 20th Jul 2021 22:28 by Brown Bear)

We are are now open indoors, however most of our regular customers have an expressed a preference for being outside (weather permitting).  So for the time being, whilst indoor seating will be available (Wednesday – Sunday), we will remain focused on the outdoor bar.  The indoor bar will have a limited range of drinks, but table service will not be routinely available.

No booking is required, but is strongly advised for dining as we remain busy with takeaways alongside dining-in.  We have a small kitchen, with one person (Catherine) doing all the cooking.

Despite the removal of all restrictions, we only need one positive testing customer for us to have to close for 10 days, and as that is too great a financial risk for us, we reserve the right to limit access at busy times.  We expect the rules on this to be relaxed in August, so this is a temporary measure for now (we hope).

When is the Brown Bear Open Mic Night Back?
Tuesday 7th September!  More details shortly…

Fish Van – Our fresh wet fish supplier for many years, Noel McRae, is on site at the Brown Bear Tuesday lunchtimes, from around 12-12.30 (exact time will vary according to the early morning fish landing times in Grimsby – yes, it’s that fresh!), proffering an array of wet fish, along with other smoked/packaged fish products.